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Hi! My name is Igor

Hi! My name is Igor

I'm CTO CMO at Paralect startup studio. We launch MVPs in weeks and ship digital products in 2 months. I ♥️ "Building in Public", "Radical Transparency", and everything related to Digital Products — starting from the engineering (it's my primary background) up to design, content, analytics, sales, marketing, leadership, getting things done, and likely something else I forgot to mention.

I'm sharing what I learned so far on the pages of this website.

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I’m building Momentum — a super simple no-code tool to build landing pages, directories, blogs and dynamic websites. Momentum helps you to create more content and distribute it to your audience via social media content and newsletters Launch your website in <30 seconds

Follow these tips to build a right MVP during today’s economy:

Or read a text article here.


Tips for non-tech founders to build the right MVP today


How to win attention with stories

A practical guide on how to become a better storyteller.


How to make your job posting stand out Distinguish your company brand through well-thought job postings


Simplify technology Why it is difficult to create a simple thing


MongoDB in Paralect When denormalization and MongoDB is the bet fit for your product

Product Stacks

Product stacks to launch your MVP in weeks 👇.

Building now 🌀

Building in public is the best way to develop creativity, gain audience and market your products.

Here are few projects I’m working on at the moment:

Ship beta launch

Ship is a development platform for engineers-makers who pissed off about the complexity of modern technology. Ship allows to build, iterate and grow your products faster.

Startup Summer 2022
Startup Summer 2022


I’m practicing illustrating as a way to simply put complex thoughts.

See my gallery.



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