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Client Communication Stack


Crisp — client chat, analytics, engagement & KB

Crisp showed out of nowhere to fight Intercom.

It's so in-line with today's product world. You can see what your leads are doing on your site in real-time (yes, literally see their screen and actions real-time and start a conversation), enjoy a very-well organized simple interface, see analytics dashboard and online activity, that's shown on the world map, set attributes for users (CRM), automate and integrate with your tools (Zapier, Slack), run email campaigns, host knowledge base... And you can use it not only on marketing website but within a full-featured web application.

And this comprehensive product is built by a team of 11 (and 6 are customer support). They are beasts, but it's a bit dangerous — it looks like their team highly dependent on some person/people.

As a tech guy, I'm amazed by their velocity and solutions. Check this blog post by their CTO on their own lightweight open-source ElasticSearch alternative.

Always check the products About page to learn the culture, team and get an understanding of a company before buying. Good strong leaders won't hide their names. You depend on them.


They're all pretty similar, but all far from Crisp magic.


HelloNext — community, feature voting

It's a simple product where your users vote for features to help you prioritize the roadmap. A great addition for companies leaning towards "building in public" and engaging their audience. Lightweight and clean UI, simple functionality, everything I like in modern products. They emphasize daily updates, no-data tracking, and affordable price ($25/month).

HelloNext is small and not well-known, but give it a try.



Testimonial — frictionless video and textual testimonials

Get the written, video testimonials, combine with twitter shoutouts.

I've just recently discovered this service, it's very new. But I absolutely love what they do. Especially emphasizing video testimonials, that's a great move for today's world. Video testimonials are highly converting, but they're not easy to get — you ask your client for video, they shoot it, upload, you edit, it's just messy. Testimonial helps you to automate the process and reduce friction.

I also love their customisable Wall of Love feature.

This product is build by Damon Chen, who builds in public. (you should also read it as it's now a business dependent on a single person)

I expect it to grow rapidly soon. Or just having more similar products built.


Or just build it manually with Webflow or other tool of choice.