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I'm building a personal brand

One of Paralect's goals — build a platform that gives our team tools to create their personal brand.

It's a win-win deal: people become independent thinkers, opinion leaders, and build their own audience, which will stick with them wherever they go.

On the other hand, it gets more (and better) clients to Paralect, attracts great talent that shares the same culture. People appreciate the care — turnover decreased, retention increased. We treat our people as our customers.

It's a utopia. And it doesn't exist. But we strive to get to it. I personally commit daily and fight to reach this goal.

So I decided to put myself in front of it first and show the example. In the end — if the company leadership can't build their own brand in public, why would someone else care about it?

I’ve recorded the video above after 10 months from starting the blog.

Well congrats Igor, how it's useful for me?

I believe I learned a lot during my 8 years leading teams and building a company and its culture. I'm driven by real practice.

I'll share my experience with you all to help you grow and reach your dreams. I'm not the smartest one and never be one — I'm fighting Impostor Syndrome and my best result will be if it motivates you (yes, I'm talking about you, the one who reads it) to do the same and launch their business.

Here's some facts I should probably be proud about:

  • I'm the leader in a company of 160 people. My 9-year path is developer⇒team lead/architect⇒product manager⇒CTO.
  • We've built a number of successful products during 12 years — here's some. BTW we have our own exits.
  • I personally led the product development team and have built a multi-million MRR B2C product from zero.
  • I've leaded the launch of tech Accelerator. We’ve built 2 idea-stage startups in 4 months and invested $100k in each product team.
  • I'm leading Startup Summer — a startup camp where students build 2 MVPs in 2 months (Jul—Aug). I was a product manager of Maqpie — the product of the very first camp 6 years ago. And I've combined it with a full-time architect/lead position on another live product.
  • I consult tech companies of different sizes daily, many of them much bigger in revenue and team size than Paralect. I learn from their mistakes and their wins. I learn how they build companies and what approaches they use. Their experience becomes my experience, my experience becomes theirs.
  • I have vast interview experience: engineers (backend/frontend/DevOps), product and marketing designers, product managers, delivery managers. Check my article on the winning job postings.
  • I'm a hard-worker type of person. I'm writing this text on Saturday evening instead of visiting a vinyl store with my friends. I do not recommend it to you. I'll work for you to find the best insights so you can hang out with your own friends.

ugh, it probably sounds way too pretentious to someone of you. Yet, believe me, I know that I'm at the very beginning of my endless journey and I don't think I have something to brag about yet.


Here's me slowly climbing the Dunning-Kruger curve. This process is endless and cyclic — I've done it many times before.

I made my first steps towards public early February 2021.

I first wrote this page on Saturday, February 20, 2021.

P.S. Funny fact about me.

Outside of work, I'm pretty introverty. I don't have any active social media pages. It's difficult for me to meet new people. It's difficult for me to stay in touch with them.

I hope this public practice helps me fight this flaw and meet wonderful people.


It might sound a bit depressive lol, but it's not that bad 😂

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